The Team

Neville Stewart –  Managing Director

“Individuals and even Seasoned Investors must rely on their own limited knowledge and sometimes guesswork when deciding their Financial Future. Often this process leads to Investments that do not perform to expectation”.

  • Mr Stewart has over twenty seven years of experience assisting Clients navigate the Investment process achieving the best possible result whilst minimising the risk often associated with particular Markets.
  • His skill is identifying the most appropriate Strategy and Structure for each Client’s individual circumstances and a 5 or 6 year Plan for the future which is reviewed regularly. Asset Partner then provides appropriate Professional Accounting, Tax and or Finance to make it happen to the benefit of the Client in a safe and secure manner.
  • His experiences identified the need for each Client to have an Individual Strategy that includes advice in all aspects including Accounting, Tax & Finance while focussing on the elimination of Home Loans.
  • His philosophy is well reflected in the following comments:

    “Only a few people ever receive the valuable strategic information at the right time in their lives to create real wealth that makes a difference to their retirement lifestyle.”

    “Asset Partner creates change, designs an Individual Structure & Strategy and Manages the entire process with the right Professional Advice to make it happen successfully! People invest every day, and some make very costly mistakes. Asset Partner shares its knowledge and experience to avoid those mistakes, then implements Strategies that deliver results”