Australia has developed a major social challenge, our population is increasing and ageing. The workforce is shrinking result is less people paying less Tax.  This is why Australia is having difficulty funding retirees and the problem is growing every day.

Australians think a combination of Superannuation and the Pension will be enough to comfortably retire.  For most people, this is not the case.

If you want to make your plan more effective, the right advice can make a big difference to your financial position.

As in any situation, prevention is better than a cure. Planning for your retirement now will be one of the most important decisions in your life and will severely affect the quality of your retirement.

When retiring 53% of Australians report that their expected source of income would be superannuation – annuity, the truth however is that 66% of Australians will rely on a government pension as the main source to fund retirement, this will be insufficient to provide for a comfortable retirement at just over 25K a year, per couple.


We at ASSET PARTNER provide you with a complete picture and real solutions, that will make sure you are better positioned come retirement.
A financial strategy should be well funded; you need to make the most of every cent that you earn to better provide for your financial security.

We at Asset Partner show you how to access a large source of funds that you otherwise have been unable to access. Your PAYG tax.

There are limitations on what you are able to use these tax dollars for, the focus is towards investment for your retirement.

To educate yourself on how to access these funds and to see how we at Asset Partner can help you achieve financial security, fill out our simple form or contact us on 13 3 ASSET and we will endeavour to see how we can assist you towards a brighter future. Qualification form